Online course for children 6-7 years old.
New lesson every Tuesday, 5 p.m. Moscow time.
You are welcome to join the course at any time.
Russian math
The online course of russian math Pelican was created for children of 6-8 years who want to discover fascinating world of mathematics. Every lesson lasts 30 minutes, all tasks are designed so that the child can solve and give answers to them independently.

From the very beginning of the course we will develop logical and creative thinking, gradually increase concentration of attention and improve the memory of the child, form the right motivation to learn.
The duration of each lesson is 30 minutes, 2 lessons per week.
The course is designed for 1 academic year. Start is in October, end - in May.
Our format
The annual course consists of 60 lessons, 6 of them will be held in the form of competitions and examinations.
For students 6-8 years old of any level of training: there is a gradual increase in complexity.
Course program
Geometric shapes
Word problems
Games and puzzles
Our program is designed by leading authors, methodologists and teachers of olympiad mathematics in Russia
«School mathematics has primarily practical goals. At school, we are taught to count and become familiar with the basic mathematical concepts that will be certainly useful in the future, but besides this, there are a lot of interesting things in math.

We will solve non-standard tasks, numerical and logical puzzles, smart enumeration and combinatorial elements, algorithms and much more. Such tasks develop logical and creative thinking!

Math is not boring! Sign up for a course and try it!»
Сourse teacher
Kiuger Nadya
Graduate from Moscow State University. Project Manager in educational sphere. Olympiad mathematics teacher with the experience of 14 years

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